A German theater and film legend turns 80!

Two daily newspapers will dedicate a panorama to her, MDR will invite her to the sofa and the independent online culture magazine interscenar.io will do a special on this actress, producer and cultural promoter who is truly not uninteresting but not geared to permanent presence, who became known under Benno Besson and later celebrated theater guest star successes with colleagues such as Arnim Müller-Stahl.

For more than a half century, the woman who says of herself "she never wanted to be an actress, actually a doctor" stood on stage and in front of the camera. And there is still no rest in sight. An explosive and also critically recapitulating cinema documentary is already in production with reflections on art, culture and politics of the 3 worlds in which she has lived.

A reclusive acting legend turns 80! Karin Ugowski.

In over 150 theater, film and TV productions, the actress proved her versatility and ability to stand on stage under the craziest circumstances. Whether it is for Schlingensief on the 20 meter high roof of a theater in a wheelchair or in 1989 with many other artists on the stage at Alexanderplatz, where they demanded intellectual freedom and change in the famous November Demonstration and thus initiated German unity.

Poet Peter Brasch once called her a "princess born of the heart". For the most part, the warm-hearted artist has certainly become known to most through the fairy-tale cinema films from the 1960s that recur every year at Christmas, which today seem like cinematic flip-book animation. She explains why this is so and why it has such enduring impact over the decades in this interview (German): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8pVS6dPkqY

But instead of being a princess: the rather down-to-earth born in the hail of bombs on Berlin in the 2nd World Wide War who still experienced post-war child hunger on the streets of Berlin, not only "involuntarily" became one of the first German female TV & Film police inspectors and broke theater guest performance records with Diderot's "Rameau's Neffe" in her time, but also supported many renowned directors in the time of the auteur cinema and socially critical theater like Besson, Samuel Beckett, Heiner Müller, the Brasch brothers up to late 1990's Castorf-Schlingensief era of the Berlin Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz.

Karin Ugowski - Only recently drew attention to herself again when she supported the controversial Israeli director Samuel Maoz in his anti-war drama "Foxtrot", which caused an uproar at Cannes, Biennale, Sundance and many other festivals with its partly critical story of a father who lost his child and in which she played the cold-hearted mother of the protagonist. She openly expressed her support for the film in interviews, despite the headwinds, because, as she said, "This is not about sympathies or antipathies towards a nation or culture, but about criticism from within our own ranks regarding the military show of force and what it does to people used for that. Which is more topical than ever!" - A statement that would indeed have quite an impact today.

We wish this outstanding artist and this wonderful person all the best for her birthday and a lot of strength for all the upcoming projects!

Link to the German press release as PDF: http://unpoco.me/2023/07/11/pressemitteilung

Karin Ugowski