One of the most uncompromising and versital all-out artists ever existed where one type of art causes and leads to the other.

Sebastian Ugovsky-Strassburger

... is a German philsophical writer, novelist, screenwriter, playwright, essayist, theater & film maker, stage and film director, award winning composer, multi-instrumentalist and music producer, cinematographer and classical music conductor, and last but not least narrator and actor with notable stations and stopovers of work in Paris, London, Napoli, Berlin, Hamburg, New York, Los Angeles and many other places in the world. He is the son of the German theater and film actress Karin Ugowski and the recently died theater and film director and actor Helmut Straßburger (stage lead in the Berlin Volksbühne and other theaters) and has German, Jewish and Silesian ancestry.

While many will rather recognize him from early music successes, his primary (but most shuttered by himself) field of work has always been philosophical novel & stageplay writing since early years. Followed by staging motion-pictures and stage-plays, mainly written by himself. And mentoring other artists to support independent and relevant theater and film art worldwide. His first written stageplay has been translated in French and premiered and first aired in the suburban areas of Paris as a social critical street production drama when he was just 15 years old. His work as a theater and film director and cinematographer can be assigned to a new generation of independent film d'auteur and theater d'auteur deliberately ignoring the trend towards mass entertainment production and protesting against it by creating a new genre of theater and film art. 

Primary driving forces and recurring focus areas in his philosophical inspired writings and text works are social dynamics, the ambivalence of the human moral compass, the collectively false view angle (mis)leading to the term "Third World", the injustice in the name of justice, the collective fear of death in the Western world and treatment of all what surrounds it, the human dream of peace and its own stumbling blocks on the way to it, the issues with the idea of individualism and the still active and harmful dualism in the collective mind, just to count some.

"Being able to endure and understand contradictions without ignoring them and attaching greater importance to observing and listening than to representing one's own conclusions is the basic prerequisite for learning and understanding. It's the opposite of the todays trend, unfortunately. Nothing is more repugnant to me than the academic regurgitation of old theses by an educated bookshelf bourgeoisie that is unable to look beyond its own nose on the one hand and nothing but provokating and meaningless rebellion of the mob against everything and anything without worrying consequences for uninvolved and hurting of others just to get rid of frustration, on the other. It sometimes seems today like there is nothing in between no more."

Last but not least: Resulting from an early certification of "perfect pitch" (absolute hearing) in the age of 4 and a self driven classical music education in a school program for highly gifted, he is a violinist, pianist, multi-instrumentalist and orchestra conductor with studios running in many countries. His works as a composer and music producer from Classical to Jazz music and crossover all other genres has not only found its way into his own theater and film projects. His music label and studio REQQORD music (formerly Slo'Jam) had many hits all over the world and his compositions and productions have contributed to international and awarded Hollywood motion pictures. He even do not reject to conduct his own philarmonic orchestra compositions for the classical orchestra studio rehearsals and recordings if time allows him to do so.