International Fairy Tale Film Festival fabulix - Film festival 08/2019-09/2019

Call as president of honour

For this year, the theater & film actress, producer and furtherer of art and culture - Karin Ugowski - was called for being the face and in function as president of honour of this year's international fairy tale film festival "fabulix" 2019 and will be available for fans and media in Annaberg-Buchholz from late August to early September.

For public appearances, such as the entry in the guest book of the city in the presence of the acting mayor and her presence in the film screening of those old fairytale films, which brought her to international fame, as well as a reading of the wonderful short stories by Siegfried Lenz from "So zärtlich was Suleyken" performed by the actress with free access for all festival visitors, Karin Ugowski will also like to answer fan questions and will be available to fans for autograph sessions and for the press. Interview accreditations can be requested by un poco | artist offices.

Since we receive many autograph requests for the actress while the online trade with autograph cards has risen rapidly in the last years, we unfortunately can no longer fulfill autograph requests by mail. But now here is a chance for all those fans of the old fairy tale films to get a current autograph of the "Princess could not laugh" or "Gold Marie" in real life.

Recently she attracted attention with a guest role in a French-Israeli international cinema co-production again, that won the jury's Grand Prix at the Venice Film Festival and the reviews praised the precise acting technique and credibility of a demented mother living in a retirement home. Karin Ugowski is currently active in front of the camera for two film productions and for a music production in the studio in front of a microphone. Nevertheless, we are happy that she took the time to support the fairytale film festival in Annaberg-Buchholz.

Karin Ugowski