Sebastian Gilmano Ugovsky-Strassburger

Sebastian Gilmano Ugovsky-Strassburger

Sebastian "GIlmano" Ugovsky-Strassburger is a German writer, novelist, screenwriter, play wright, essayist, theater & film maker, stage and film director, composer, music producer, cinematographer and conductor with notable stations and stopovers of work in Paris, London, Napoli, Berlin, New York, Los Angeles, Moscow and many other places in the world. He is the son of the well-known German theater and film actress Karin Ugowski and the recently died theater and film director Helmut Straßburger (stage lead in the Berlin Volksbühne) and has German, Jewish and Silesian ancestry. His prior fields of work is writing followed by staging and mentoring other artists to support independent and relevant art worldwide. His work as a film maker can be assigned to a new generation of independent film d'auteur. Resulting from an early certification of "perfect pitch" (absolute hearing) in the age of 4 and a classical music education in a school program for highly gifted, he is also certified as a classical pianist, multi-instrumentalist and conductor. HIs music label and studio REQQORD music (formerly Slo'Jam) had many hits all over the world and his compositions and productions have contributed to international and awarded Hollywood motion pictures. 


Filmscore contribution to Hollywood: "Transformers, Dark of the Moon"

A rare kind of Funk Breakbeat Russian rap tune - composed, arranged, produced, mixed and all instruments played by Sebastian (Gilmano) Ugovsky himself have been placed in the Hollywood blockbuster motion picture sequel "Transformers" part 3.

Shooting for the motion picture "Mauersegler" (S. Ugovsky)

In January / February 2016, the film and theater actress Karin Ugowski is on camera for the filming of the motion picture "Mauersegler" (Spy / Polit-Thriller, directed by Sebastian Ugovsky) for scenes of historical retrospection in France and Poland aga

Season for the long-term shooting film project "In all Colors of the Rainbow"

The film & theater actress Karin Ugowski is back in front of the camera in May 2017 for filming the long-term art project "The Colors of the Rainbow" by the director Sebastian Ugovsky, which combines documentary and play film sequences.

Film shooting for documentation "Auf dem Weg ins Leben"

In both 2013 and 2014, Karin Ugowski was regular for shooting the documentary entitled "On the way to life" on the occasion of her upcoming 75th birthday in front of the camera.

Filmscore for Hollywood: "Equalizer" (US / Denzel Wasington)

Another filmscore contribution of the multi-talent, writer, composer, theater and film director, Sebastian Ugovsky (aka Gilmano, his music pseudonym), who produced the Rap song for an action opening scene, when the hero has his first time touch down with the mob in their estate.

"Foxtrot" recieves Silver Lion in Venice and an Oscar nomination

We would like to congratulate the theater and film actress, artistic and cultural supporter and film producer Karin Ugowski, who we proudly call an artist represented by our artist offices, to her collaboration with the Israeli director Samuel Maoz for his latest motion picture film production "F

Shootings for motion picture "Foxtrot" D: Samuel Maoz, ARTE/DE/FR/IL

Karin Ugowski was in front of the camera in the role of the protagonist's mother in January / February 2016 for the shooting of the Israeli / French / German filmproduction "Foxtrot" by the Israeli director Samuel Maoz.

Foxtrot announced at the Sundance Film Festival 2018

From 18.01. - 28.01.2018, Israeli director Samual Maoz's great and critical feature film "Foxtrot" will be screened in the "Spotlight" section of the largest independent film festival, the Sundance Film Festival.

Foxtrot 100% positive reviews on Rotton Tomatoes

The several times awarded and among others nominated for an Oscar the Israeli motion picture Foxtrot had after it's release in december 2017 100% and a rank of 8,6/10 on one of the most acclaimed movie review sites "Rotton Tomatoes".

Foxtrot has started in US-theatres

On 08.12.2017 the Israeli motion picture Foxtrot was released in the USA. Already awarded with the Silver Lion in Venice, the film will enter the race in March 2018 for the Academy Award 2018 - the Oscar.

Foxtrot starts in German theaters now

Ending a long period of obscurities about if and how the motion picture gonna be screened worldwide after all the scandals, praise and critics, festival screenings, nominations, and lots of wins, the worldwide awarded and controversally reviewed Israeli-French film "Foxtrot" of Maoz will be final

Director S. Ugovsky-Strassburger on set for new BBC pilot

The writer, novelist, essayist & theater/film director Sebastian Ugovsky-Strassburger, who also frequently takes the seat as DoP for his own projects, shoots a new test setup project in cooperation with BBC and 2 British film production companies for testing brand new modern upcoming producti

un poco artist involved

Film productions continue after corona lock down

The shootings of "On the Way to Life", the orchestral recordings for a film soundtrack and the post-production for the new version of "In all Colors of the Rainbow" have recently started again.

un poco artist involved