Guenter Horn

Günter Horn

Günter Horn (* 18. August 1935 in Berlin) is a German Painter and Graphic artist. He is married with the well-known theater- and film actress Karin Ugowski and is living and working in his country estate in the North countryside of Germany. His oilpaintings portraing the changeable weather of the North of Germany are very admired in theater- and film quartes, possibly reasoned by his earlier work as a scene builder and stage designer for many big theater directors in the late 1970's.

The place where the ...

... pictures intrinsically exist and where the artist paints them as seen thru' his eyes, is a designoid, elemental fairytale-like, nature enclosed country estate with a red-brown farmhouse, on the edge of the woods, in the middle of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, and where the atelier with its inside balcony and clay oven, the double sided red-brown former farmhouse with the glas-roofed gallery, the additional country-style summer gallery in the old “derelict barn” and actually the whole country estate itself frequently became a dynamic hub for events, concerts, peotry, readings, exhibitions. To this day.


Vernissage Guenter Horn Okt 2017

Vernissage 07.10.2017 Günter Horn "Landscapes and Miniatures"

And again the painter and graphic artist Günter Horn and his wife Karin Ugowski, the actress well-known from film and TV, invites to a vernissage on their idyllic country estate in the North of Germany.

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Karin Ugowsi - Reading - 24th-Nov-2017

Reading of and by Karin Ugowski on 24th Nov. 2017

Like every year, there will be a special reading to the start of the Advent season of and by the theater & film actress Karin Ugowski in the atmospheric barn of the idyllic country estate, where she and her husband, the painter and graphic artist Gü

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Plakat Vernissage Guenter Horn 2018

Vernissage "Zeichnungen & Malerei" 21.10.18 11:00

Am 21. Oktober 2018 wird auf dem Kunsthof des Malers und Grafikers Günter Horn und der aus Kino, Film und Fernsehen bekannten Schauspielerin Karin Ugowski eine Vernissage mit Werken aus einer neuen Schaffensphase des Künstlers Günter Horn stattfinden.

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Actress and Film Producer Karin Ugowski

Karin Ugowski reads and shows art works of the controversal Wilhelm Busch

The sketches and poems of the controversal German writer and painter Wilhem Busch are part of the German culture and some of his "sketched" short stories have been known by almost everyone and every kid for many decades.

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Vernissage 2019

Vernissage 26.10.2019 11:00 Kunsthof Grammentin

Der Maler und Grafiker Günter Horn läd auch dieses Jahr wieder, zusammen mit seiner Frau der Theater- und Filmschauspielerin Karin Ugowski, zur Vernissage der Ausstellung seiner neuen Werke auf ihrem idyllischen Kunsthof in Grammentin ein.

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Lesung Karin Ugowski Nov 2019

Preliminary Advent season reading 2019 by Karin Ugowski

Like every year, there will be a another special reading with the theater & film actress Karin Ugowski for the start of the Advent season in the atmospheric barn of the idyllic country estate, framed by the artworks of her husband, the painter and g

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