Here is our special gift to say Thank You to all the fans

We - the artist office of the actress - have captured all the web #congratulations from fans, friends & colleagues at the 80th anniversary of the theater & film actress and forwarded them to Karin Ugowski and she was incredibly touched by all the warmth from thousands of greetings that reached her. This made us coming up with an idea to say Thank You with something special to all supporters: Everyone who adds themselves to the Karin Ugowski social media pages on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (by simply clicking "follow" or "like" here on Instagram | Twitter | Facebook) and leaves a comment with the HashTags #Autograph and #KarinUgowski on it, will receive a hand-signed autograph with personal dedication by arrangement to desired address. But that's not all.

The artist has not fulfilled any autograph requests for many years after we had noticed that a real unfair trade had broken out on the Internet about them. And autographs should be something personal, shouldn't it?. But for her 80th birthday, she wants to say Thank You in this way and will fulfill every autograph request. Go on here:

Karin Ugowski on Twitter:
Karin Ugowski on
Karin Ugowski on Facebook (#Fanpage):

In addition, you will be added to a special guest list with an invitation for early news and a pre-release closed event for a special upcoming "thing", which will actually officially be released just at the end of the year.

This message is sent to you by the un poco artist office (artist management & press office). Feel free to share it on social media and to follow us for more.(un poco on Instagram | Twitter | Facebook)

Karin Ugowski