Abbildung von Brehms Welt Museum Collage

Brehm Memorial receives museum award

The Alfred and Christian Brehm memorial "BREHMS WELT - Tiere und Menschen" (Brehm's World - Animals and People) in Renthendorf, Thuringia, has been awarded the Museum Prize 2022. With this award, the Sparkassen-Kulturstiftung Hessen-Th├╝ringen honors the extraordinary wealth of ideas of the museum makers "with regard to the collection, preservation, research, mediation and presentation of museum assets." The prize will be awarded on March 10, 2023, in the presence of Thuringia's prime minister.

For the interactive exhibition, JWL Make-up & SFX designed Brehm's ghost who guides through the venue.

Involved artists / Involvierte K├╝nstler
Abbildung von Jenny Wieland - JWL Make-Up & SFX

JWL Make-Up & SFX

Make-up & special effects artist Jenny Wieland