Foxtrot (2017)

Receiving the Silver Lion in Venice and an Oscar nomination

We would like to congratulate the theater and film actress, artistic and cultural supporter and film producer Karin Ugowski, who we proudly call an artist represented by our artist offices, to her collaboration with the Israeli director Samuel Maoz for his latest motion picture film production "Foxtrot". At the request of the theater and filmmaker Sebastian Gilmano Ugovsky-Strassburger as a supporter of the project and his commitment to the cooperation between Karin Ugowski and Foxtrot (and who is the co-initiator of this office), we also had the pleasure of supporting the companioned film production for the filming season in Germany logistically, since Karin Ugowski was actually already blocked for another shooting of a Sebastian Gilmano Ugovsky-Strassburger film (director) at this time.

Now we don't want to conceal from all or friends and colleagues the recent facts, that this great film recently received the Silver Lion - the "Grand Prix of the Jury" - at the Venice International Film Festival, attracted attention at the Toronto International Film Festival and was finally invited as the "Best Foreign Language Film" to the 2018 Academy Award (Oscars).

Karin Ugowski is known for her political commitment, as you know from the time of 1989 and her participation in artist movements and the Fall of the Wall. And so for her Maoz's critical confrontation with the war and his own nation was a reason to accept a role she would have normally rejected not only once of international cinema productions: to play a typical German woman.

And through a change of perspective in the role of the mother of the protagonist she was able to reproduce her own life situation with a mother who is seriously ill caused by age (90+), lodged in a care retirement home. In a newspaper interview she said, "... and if there are only a few film minutes, in which I have the chance to slip into the role of my mother, who has witnessed the Second World War in close up and now actually resembles the character in the film, it will be easier for me to meet her in this weird rooms and to fill this rooms with positive energies."

Involved artists / Involvierte Künstler

Karin Ugowski

German film and theater actress, voice actress, narrator, film producer and furtherer of art and culture