Foxtrot (2017)

Shootings for motion picture by Samuel Maoz

Karin Ugowski was in front of the camera in the role of the protagonist's mother in January / February 2016 for the shooting of the Israeli / French / German filmproduction "Foxtrot" by the Israeli director Samuel Maoz. The film is due to appear in the framework of the Cannes Film Festival and at the Venice Film Festival. It is the sequel to the anti-war drama "Lebanon" of the same director, which has already been awarded the Golden Lion in Venice, and is hot and controversial even before its completion. The theater and filmmaker Sebastian Gilmano Ugovsky-Strassburger supported together with un poco artist office the friendly production of Foxtrot (Pola Pandora) and allowed the actress Karin Ugowski to be on the set at two cinema productions at the same time.

Karin Ugowski