Abbildung: Jenny Wieland
Make-up artist & special effects artist Jenny Wieland

JWL Make-Up & SFX

Make Up artist | SFX artist

Behind the work of JWL Make-Up & SFX is the make-up artist and special effects artist Jenny Wieland. And for larger projects a professional team of many helping hands. Individual concepts are created for film & theater productions, as well as for commercials and photo productions nationwide & internationally.



The work of a "Maskenbildner" goes far beyond the international concept of a simple make-up artist. A "Maskenbildner" is an all-rounder and can cover a wide spectrum of crafts as: Beauty Make-up, Historical and Modern Hairstyles, Stage Make-up, Making Wigs and Hairpieces, Modeling and Mold Making, Special Effects (SFX) from various materials (silicone, latex, foam, etc.), Airbrush and much more. After a 3 year apprenticeship at one of the most prestigious training centers in Europe, I established myself as "Maskenbildner" (make-up artist and SFX artist) with notable workstations in different countries over the last 10 years.

In the past, faces were a canvas with many layers of color in films and on stage. In the age of HD technology and purist theater, the requirements have changed. But what remains the same is a good sense of shapes and colors and the artistic craftsmanship. Still, the profession is changing and it is necessary to stay interested and attentive to fulfill current requirements. Also special effects (SFX) are subjects of change and much of this work is done in close collaboration with the CGI department. It is important to keep up with the times and to recognize the current evolutions, to seize them and to communicate about them. A detailed discussion of all departments involved is the key to outstanding results. Because that hasn't changed in filmmaking since its beginning, only when all departments work together a good film can be made.

In eleven years, six children have died in public supervision in Hamburg, most recently Yagmur on December 18, 2013. The Yagmur Memorial Foundation of founder Michael Lezius annually endows the "Yagmur Memorial Award" for "civil courage in child protection" on the occasion of the anniversary of
Along with the fall, filming also began on a new feature film, which will be shot mainly in Hamburg. In the make-up mobile, long hair is braided for professional soccer players, tattoos and piercings are "attached" to people of the heart, and brightly colored hair extensions are produced for a
Hotel Mondial (2023)
This summer make-up artist Jenny Wieland aka JWL Make-Up & SFX was on set in Northern Germany. In the studio near Hamburg, many lovingly arranged scenes were shot for a new ZDF series "Hotel Mondial". Then in Schwerin, picture-perfect exterior shots were captured against the backdrop of Schwerin
Merkel (The restless) (2020)
How the work of an artist affects the work of an other artist: After a 3 hours make over, the actor Tristan Seith transformed into Peter Altmaier, among others maintained on set by our make-up artist "JWL Make-Up & SFX" (c./o Jenny WIeland). She was also responsible to apply the prosthetics and
Make-up artist JWL Make-Up & SFX was appointed as head of department for the shooting for 4 new episodes of the ARD success series "Hubert ohne Staller" this year again. After the last episodes have been reviewed so positively by fans, they now can look forward to exciting and funny new cases from
The well-known vehicle manufacturer from Japan has been advertising zombies in its commercials for several years, which are broadcast worldwide and enjoy great popularity on the internet. For the new clip, JWL Make-Up & SFX turned the actually adorable actor into a nasty zombie with silicone
For the ARD TV feature film "Mein Altweibersommer" (My Indian Summer) staring Iris Berben, JWL Make-Up & SFX supervised a baby bear dummy on set in Gdansk (Poland). In the costume of a nurse she operated the bear cub together with a puppeteer during the recording.
JWL Make-Up & SFX stepped in as head of department on set for the shooting of 4 episodes of the cult ARD TV-series "Hubert ohne Staller" for make-up, SFX and hair for a period of 6 weeks temporarily. In addition to dry humor, dirndl beauties and a much-discussed boar, the beautiful filming locations
Merkel (The restless) (Motion picture)
JWL Make-Up & SFX was on the set of the filming of the novel adaptation "Die Getriebenen" (Merkel) - novel by Robin Alexander - responsible for the transformation of actor Tristan Seith to the German politician Peter Altmaier. In a mask time of three hours the actor glued various silicone prosthetic
Skivers (2017)
During the filming in 2016 for the series Blaumaucher, which was first aired on ZDF Neo, our makeup artist JWL Make-Up & SFX added the mask team. Now you can see on Netflix as the main character Frank in his midlife crisis with the 19-year-old Sascha together to put an end to everyday life.
Violence and cannibalism - Neolithic crime scenes (2019)
JWL Make-up & SFX together with other make up and special effects artists, turned a whole village into Stone Age people and wild warriors in the summer of 2018. From village life to hunting, it shows how rough and hard the life of our ancestors must have been. At prime time on Saturday at 8:15 pm
Future carousel (Federal Garden Show) (Installation art)
JWL Make-Up & SFX accompanied for two weeks the filming of the "Zukunftskarussell" for the "Bundesgartenschau 2019" (Federal Garden Show 2019) in Berlin and Bielefeld. In front of a green screen an actress was transformed into 10 different roles. Here, the creativity and the skills of our makeup
The make up and special effects artist JWL Make-Up & SFX was on set for the internationally well-known German Crime film series "Tatort" (Crime scene" produced by German 1st TV Channel ARD and was in charge of the unsightly looking corpse in the forensic medicine scenes. What happened to the dead
Cut Off (2018)
The film is an adaptation of the bestseller thriller novel "Abgeschnitten" (Cut Off) by Sebastian Fitzek. For several months, a selected team of special effect artists (SFX) worked for this project. JWL Make-Up & SFX was part of it and they made body dummies of some actors besides single parts of
Prj/345 Toubab (Motion picture)
In early August, JWL Make-up & SFX was on the set for a German 2nd TV channel ZDF motion picture coproduction "Toubab" planned for theatrical release next year, where Frankfurt Gangstas meet the queer scene of the city. In addition to glitter and hair spray, many fake tattoos were used.
Terra X (Motion picture)
JWL Make-Up & SFX has traveled back in time with the entire shooting team right into the Stone Age on the set of the popular ZDF documentary series "Terra X". To tell the time of 7000 years ago, a stone-age make-up was created for the warriors. What looks creepy sometimes in the documentary,/news/56
Maxim Gorki Theater
JWL Make-Up & SFX will support the Maxim Gorki Theater in the Mask Department in May. The small but sophisticated house impresses with contemporary and careful stagings, which demand an extensive skill from the make-up artists.
JWL Make-Up & SFX was on the set of the popular ARD TV series "Nord bei Nordwest" with the actors Hinnerk Schönemann, Marleen Lohse and Henny Reents and enhanced the series with another corpse dummy. The dead man will turn up quite unexpectedly and you can look forward to the new episodes.
Arthurs Law (Motion picture)
September 2017 - March 2018 JWL Make-Up & SFX has finished the first filming phase of the German TV-Serial "Arthurs Gesetz", with Jan Josef Liefers, Martina Gedeck and Nora Tschirner. During the last few weeks, she has been made up the actors during the filming and made some small and elaborate
Arthurs Law (Motion picture)
September 2017 - March 2018 JWL Make-Up & SFX is working as SFX make up artist at the TV-Serial production "Arthurs Gesetz" with Jan Josef Liefers. In between she is cooperating with different ateliers regarding the preparation of new shootings for the long-term film project "In all Colors of the
Skivers (Motion picture)
JWL Make-Up & SFX is in September 2016 as a make up artist on the set of the ZDF Neo series "Blaumacher", directed by Pia Strietmann & Maurice Hübner, a.o. with Marc Ben Puch, Laura Berlin & Lisa Martinek.
JWL Make-Up & SFX is working as a makeup & hair artist at the Salzburg Festival in Austria from July - August 2016. She is responsible for various plays such as Cosi fan tutte and West Side Story. On July 28, the 96th edition of the world-famous festival was officially opened with the traditional
Cut Off (Motion picture)
From December 2016 until March 2017 JWL Make-Up & SFX is working as a SFX make up artist at the cinema production "Abgeschnitten", a film adaptation of the novel by Sebastian Fitzek & Michael Tsokos and directed by Christian Alvart with Moritz Bleibtreu, Lars Eidinger & Jasna Fritzi Bauer.