Abbildung: Collage- Before and After: Tristan Seith - Peter Altmeier
Merkel (The restless) (2020)

German Acting Award - Winner Tristan Seith as Peter Altmaier

How the work of an artist affects the work of an other artist: After a 3 hours make over, the actor Tristan Seith transformed into Peter Altmaier, among others maintained on set by our make-up artist "JWL Make-Up & SFX" (c./o Jenny WIeland). She was also responsible to apply the prosthetics and hairpieces. The actor has been awarded for his performance in the movie "Merkel" (Original Title: Die Getriebenen) by director Stefan Wagner at the "German Acting Award" in the category "Actor in a supporting role". Congratulations!

Involved artists / Involvierte Künstler
Abbildung von Jenny Wieland - JWL Make-Up & SFX

JWL Make-Up & SFX

Make-up & special effects artist Jenny Wieland