A Bridge into 3 Worlds (Motion picture)
In all Colors of the Rainbow (Motion picture)

Film productions continue after corona lock down

The shootings of "On the Way to Life", the orchestral recordings for a film soundtrack and the post-production for the new version of "In all Colors of the Rainbow" have recently started again. The director and writer of all of this projects Sebastian Gilmano Ugovsky-Strassburger, who, as many people know, handled the situation in the spring very responsibly and has frozen all running shootings for the safety of all employees long before the big official warning has been stated country-wide. And he 100% paid off all permanent and freelance employees for the whole stopped production schedule. He designed various innovative concepts over the months to allow the productions to continue indirectly and to guarantee everyones security.

He is known for working in many artistic fields and is currently not only directing up to 8 film & show projects but also personally directing the camera (Director of Photography) and conducting the orchestra for the associated classic film soundtracks, which he also composed. The replacement dates for the canceled exhibitions of his photographic works in Berlin and Hamburg will be announced in the next few weeks again.

Karin Ugowski
Sebastian Ugovsky-Strassburger