Abbildung von Bäume - Sinnbild des Lebens Buchcover von Erpenbeck und Horn

Available as a hardcover book - Trees: Symbols of Life

Trees, the giants of the world of plants, have fascinated people since time immemorial. Once sites of jurisdiction, celebration or commemoration of people, events, gods or the subject of often forgotten legends and myths, today it is impossible to imagine our lives, our landscape or our culture without the giants. The author John Erpenbeck and the painter Günter Horn were inspired by these imposing creatures to capture them on paper - in impressive lithographs and drawings, with lyrical texts. "What are you but tree and shrub? You germinate, you blossom and you wither too," Theodor Storm once wrote. Erpenbeck and Horn both followed this basic idea and created a deeply philosophical, unforgettable book.

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Involved artists / Involvierte Künstler

Günter Horn

German painter and graphic artist with exhibitions all over the world