Vernissage: Landscapes & Miniatures (Exhibition)

Vernissage 07/10/17 11AM at art estate Grammentin

And again the painter and graphic artist Günter Horn and his wife Karin Ugowski, the actress well-known from film and TV, invites to a vernissage on their idyllic country estate in the North of Germany. And as every year, guests of all shapes are expected. From loyal collectors, friends, to colleagues from the arts, film and theater, everyone meets in the spotlight of the paintings and, served with a glass of wine, a new surprise will be revealed which the artist has prepared for his guests.

The yearly vernissage of the artist is a common meeting spot for other artists and friends of him and his wife and many use it as a replacement for the yearly art festival they both did once for 20 years at this spot until 2006.

Günter Horn