Pre Advent Reading: My secret autobiography (Event)

Reading with Karin Ugowski on Nov. 24th 2017

Like every year, there will be a special reading to the start of the Advent season of and by the theater & film actress Karin Ugowski in the atmospheric barn of the idyllic country estate, where she and her husband, the painter and graphic artist Günter Horn, are living and working. And like every year, it will be certainly be topped off with a glass of wine and a conversation in the ambience of her husband's wonderful paintings.

Ticket reservation (with count und name) is open 1-2 weeks before the event by ticket hotline  +49 (0)39952 23957 or at any time by email And please keep in mind that, due to the annual demand, only timely reservations can be considered. Joining the event without reservation can often lead to a situation with not enough seats available. The reading is in German, so you should only join with acceptable knowledge of literary language in German.

  • Date: 24.11.2017
  • Entry gate time: 19:30
  • Start: 20:00
  • Homepage:
Involved artists / Involvierte Künstler

Karin Ugowski

German film and theater actress, voice actress, narrator, film producer and furtherer of art and culture