Filmscore for Hollywood: "Equalizer" (US / Denzel Wasington)

Another filmscore contribution of the multi-talent, writer, composer, theater and film director, Sebastian Ugovsky (aka Gilmano, his music pseudonym), who produced the Rap song for an action opening scene, when the hero has his first time touch down with the mob in their estate. The song was part of a whole wave of records being released successfully all around the globe based on a bet Sebastian Ugovsky won. Nobody wanted to believe that he would be able to make a Russian Rap artist well-known worldwide in times, when Rap was only accepted in languages the world understands and accepts as being "flowable". As the music producer, beat arrangeur, Rap vocal consultant and recording engineer and song writer he couched the already well-known Russian Rap star Seryoga to become a worldwide recognized shooting star by presenting 3 longplay records to the world with many Top 10 hits later.