Abbildung von Gilmano


GiLMANO is the music producer pseudonym of the German author, theater & film maker, film score & music composer Sebastian Ugovsky (also sometimes credited as Sebastian "Gilmano" Ugowski) with notable stages of work in Berlin, London, Paris, Moscow, Los Angeles and New York. His music is traceable in Hollywood feature films, outstanding international record artist releases and a vary of third party Urban records and compilations. His work as a film maker can be assigned to the film d'auteur while his work as a composer, music producer and even as a singer & songwriter has been often referred to as Jazz, Alternative, Downbeat and Funk/Souljazz music.


Transformers 3 Movie Poster

Filmscore contribution to Hollywood: "Transformers, Dark of the Moon"

A rare kind of Funk Breakbeat Russian rap tune - composed, arranged, produced, mixed and all instruments played by Sebastian (Gilmano) Ugovsky himself have been placed in the Hollywood blockbuster motion picture sequel "Transformers" part 3.

Equalizer - Denzel Washington

Filmscore for Hollywood: "Equalizer" (US / Denzel Wasington)

Another filmscore contribution of the multi-talent, writer, composer, theater and film director, Sebastian Ugovsky (aka Gilmano, his music pseudonym), who produced the Rap song for an action opening scene, when the hero has his first time touch down with the mob in their estate.