Karin Ugowski

Karin Ugowski is a German film and theater actress, voice actress, narrator, film producer and furtherer of art and culture with various stations of work in UK, France, Italy, Israel, Russia, Hungary

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Sebastian Gilmano Ugovsky-Strassburger

Sebastian GIlmano Ugovsky-Strassburger is a German writer, novelist, screenwriter, play wright, essayist, theater & film maker, stage and film director, composer, music producer, cinematographer and

  1. Film score for Hollywood: "Transformers, Dark of the Moon"
  2. Shooting for the motion picture "Mauersegler" (S. Ugovsky)
  3. Season for the long-term shooting film project "In all Colors of the Rainbow"

JWL Make-Up & SFX

JWL Make-Up & SFX is a German Make-up artist with the internationally rarely common "Maskenbildner"-Education, making her able to support theatre & film productions of any kind, including SFX and non

  1. Shooting for TV-Serial "Blaumacher" (ZDF Neo)
  2. Shootings for the film adaption of the novel "Abgeschitten"
  3. Shooting for the German TV-Serial "Arthurs Gesetz"


GiLMANO is the music producer pseudonym of the German author, theater & film maker, film score & music composer Sebastian Ugovsky (also sometimes credited as Sebastian "Gilmano" Ugowski) with notable

  1. Filmscore for Hollywood: "Equalizer" (US / Denzel Wasington)

Günter Horn

Günter Horn (* 18. August 1935 in Berlin) is a German Painter and Graphic artist. He is married with the well-known theater- and film actress Karin Ugowski and is living and working in his country

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