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Make-up & special effects artist Jenny Wieland

JWL Make-Up & SFX

Behind the work of JWL Make-Up & SFX is the make-up artist and special effects artist Jenny Wieland. And for larger projects a professional team of many helping hands. Individual concepts are created for film & theater productions, as well as for commercials, events and photo productions nationwide & internationally.

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The work of a "Maskenbildner" goes far beyond the international concept of a simple make-up artist. A "Maskenbildner" is an all-rounder and can cover a wide spectrum of crafts as: Beauty Make-up, Historical and Modern Hairstyles, Stage Make-up, Making Wigs and Hairpieces, Modeling and Mold Making, Special Effects (SFX) from various materials (silicone, latex, foam, etc.), Airbrush and much more. After a 3 year apprenticeship at one of the most prestigious training centers in Europe, I established myself as "Maskenbildner" (make-up artist and SFX artist) with notable workstations in different countries over the last 10 years.

In the past, faces were a canvas with many layers of color in films and on stage. In the age of HD technology and purist theater, the requirements have changed. But what remains the same is a good sense of shapes and colors and the artistic craftsmanship. Still, the profession is changing and it is necessary to stay interested and attentive to fulfill current requirements. Also special effects (SFX) are subjects of change and much of this work is done in close collaboration with the CGI department. It is important to keep up with the times and to recognize the current evolutions, to seize them and to communicate about them. A detailed discussion of all departments involved is the key to outstanding results. Because that hasn't changed in filmmaking since its beginning, only when all departments work together a good film can be made.